At The Naked Warrior Project we strive to help people understand the world from the veteran’s point of view. Some topics include: why we commit to the war on terror our entire adult lives and the questions we answer for ourselves in the process. What do the warriors who commit their lives to a war most Americans are completely removed from use as motivation to stay in the fight? What does the USA mean to us?

When many of our friends and loved ones have been killed, or injured, what keeps us going? What impact did the events on September 11, 2001 have on us? What does it mean to ‘Never Forget’? The words: Honor, Integrity, Commitment, Service and Brotherhood all hold deep meaning to us. Only those who leave the sanctuary of our great nation know the danger outside the gates. The danger to our country is real.

Is “Support the Troops” just a slogan? Who are the troops in the most dynamic battlefield our leaders have ever seen? Who do you serve? What do you stand for? These are questions we answer and discuss with audiences to help them understand our values and most importantly help them understand their own. Everyone should know the answers to these questions, but, most don’t. We can’t give you your answers, but, hopefully you can leave one of our events with the desire to find your own.


    Help to support the memory of our fallen. We are here to make a difference in the lives of the Gold Star Families that have sacrificed so much for our country.